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What Is an Endoscopic Brow Lift?

endoscopic brow lift

An endoscopic brow lift is a procedure performed under general anesthetic and is minimally invasive. It involves the plastic surgeon making several small incisions in the middle and on the sides of the scalp, hidden beneath the client’s hairline. These side incisions don’t go further than the temporal fascia muscle.
As the years go by, many of us have fallen into the habit of ignoring the simple face-care routines we were so set on doing in our youth, and as an unfortunate result, many of us are now facing the dreaded side effect: wrinkles. 

Wrinkles can be caused by many things, from genetics and poor skincare routines to lifestyle choices and stress. 

However, worry not, for there is a solution on the horizon: an endoscopic brow lift (also known as a forehead lift). If you’re ready to go under the knife and have an expert plastic surgeon like FaceByFisher on your side, you can read on to learn more about this innovative procedure.

What Is an Endoscopic Brow Lift, and How Is It Performed?

Forehead wrinkles and creases typically appear naturally with age and can be identified by lines around the eye and sagging of the eyebrow.

However, for some patients, a saggy brow results from having heavier brows and upper lids. Whether your signs of aging are due to wrinkles or the structure of your face, an endoscopic brow lift might be the solution for a younger-looking appearance. 

Once the incisions are made, a plastic surgeon uses specialized surgical equipment to release and lift the brow tissue. When done properly, this procedure allows for less bruising and faster healing than what is seen with a standard brow lift procedure. 

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How Long Does an Endoscopic Brow Lift Take To Heal?

Compared to traditional brow lift procedures, an endoscopic brow lift is considered much less invasive. An endoscopic lift typically takes only a week or so for recovery due to minimal bruising and swelling. As a result of this limited swelling and bruising, the healing process is also more comfortable. 

How Long Does an Endoscopic Brow Lift Last?

After an endoscopic brow lift surgery, you may feel as if the skin on your forehead is tighter and higher than expected. However, this heightened and tightened skin will only last for a few weeks as you recover, and your tissues settle into their new position. 

Typically, you can enjoy a more open expression, higher-placed brows, and a lifted upper face for around five to seven years before a possible surgical revision is needed. 

Additionally, it should be noted that for some, the results may be permanent depending on how well you look after your skin and the proactive measures taken to minimize sun exposure. 

Wrap-Up on Endoscopic Lifts

If you want to undergo an endoscopic brow lift, consulting with a licensed and experienced plastic surgeon with years of experience is crucial. Fortunately, FaceByFisher’s plastic surgeon has performed countless endoscopic brow lifts with attractive results. Most patients are satisfied with the results and you can read a full article at HealthDay and then Contact our friendly team today to begin the process for a younger you!

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