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Botched Lip Lifts: What to Do

botched lip lift

For as many success stories as you see when it comes to plastic surgery, there are definitely some nightmare scenarios. How can these be avoided? And if you are the unfortunate recipient of a botched lip lift or just don’t like how yours turned out, what can be done?

What Can Go Wrong during a Lip Lift?

The lips are such a prominent part of the face. Anything that goes wrong during a lip lift can take a huge toll on confidence and self-image. Sometimes, the result afterward looks bad, while other times, it’s just not quite what you wanted. 

If too much skin is taken away, the philtrum can be unusually short. While a short philtrum is thought of as attractive, when it’s too short, it can look unbalanced or off. It can also result in the upper lip looking too big. Another thing that can go wrong is the balance of the two sides of the lips. Lip lifts sometimes involve lifting the lip corners, and if these two aren’t even, it can throw off the balance of the face. 

How to Avoid a Botched Lip Lift

Choosing the right plastic surgeon is extremely important! Research, research, and research some more before choosing your doctor. When you think you’ve chosen the right surgeon, attend a consultation. There, you’ll be able to get a sense of whether they are right for you. Remember: A good plastic surgeon will work with you to achieve the look you have envisioned while giving you professional advice. 

You want a plastic surgeon with a keen eye for aesthetics and a proven history of successful surgeries. This is why they often post before-and-after photos of their work. Check your surgeon’s website and social media pages to see examples of their work. Look up reviews of your surgeon as well. See what other patients are saying about the doctor and their results.

And, of course, this cannot be emphasized enough: You also have to do your part after a lip lift, just as you would with any plastic surgery. Follow all instructions your plastic surgeon gives you. Don’t rush the healing process!

If you want to get a lip lift or fix a botched lip lift in the Bakersfield area, contact Dr. Fisher’s office. You can check out before-and-after photos of lip lifts and read patient reviews on this page

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