Is Revanesse Lips The Perfect Filler For You?

Revanesse has a new filler for lips, and it’s receiving amazing reviews from both patients and clinicians. Revanesse Lips+ helps plump up the lips, giving them more volume and more definition with less product than competitors. Here are all the details about this exciting new option for lip filler. Learn about its ingredients, study data, the procedure, possible side effects, who can get it, when you’ll see results, and how long you can expect those results to last. 

Proven long-lasting results

A study found that 100% of clinicians rated the filler as still being effective six months after the procedure compared to only 76.4% of those who were treated with another lip filler. And 96.3% of patients rated their lips as still being improved at the six-month mark compared to 83.6% of those treated with another lip filler.

Who can get Revanesse Lips+? 

You must be 22 years of age or older to get this lip filler. Also not be allergic to any of its components (hyaluronic acid or lidocaine) or have a history of a severe allergic reaction or multiple severe allergies. You also shouldn’t get this filler if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

What is in Revanesse Lips+?

This is a hyaluronic acid-based filler. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body that keeps skin hydrated and full. There is also a chemical that crosslinks the hyaluronic acid molecules in order to form a network. To reduce pain during the procedure, Revanesse Lips+ also contains lidocaine, a local anesthetic. 

Revanesse Lips+ procedure

Your doctor will sterilize the area where the filler will be injected. The doctor will then inject the filler carefully into the lips, making sure to evenly distribute filler into each part. The lidocaine in the formulation ensures that you feel very little to no pain during the procedure. Afterwards there might be a very small amount of bleeding from the injection site. 

Revanesse Lips+ side effects

Side effects with this lip filler include swelling, redness, and bruising around the injection site. Some discomfort may be present afterwards but should go away within a day.

When will I see results after Revanesse Lips+?

Results are visible immediately after your procedure. As stated above, you may have some swelling, redness, or bruising, which will clear up in the first day or two. 

How long do results last with Revanesse Lips+?

As with any filler, Revanesse is absorbed by the body with time, so touch-ups are necessary. Results vary based on the person. In the lip area, which sees a lot of movement, expect to need a touch-up around six months after your procedure to maintain results. Results will still be visible then but will have begun to decline in volume. Check out our tips for making lip fillers last longer

Remember, choosing a good lip filler is just half of the process. A good lip filler can only do so much; it needs to be injected by a good provider in order to get maximum positive results. Technique and expertise matter as well. Dr. Edmund Fisher’s work has been praised time and time again by his clients, so come schedule an appointment with us by calling our office today. Click here for more info.

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