How to define your cheekbones

How to define your cheekbones

The cheeks are one of the three major landmarks of the face and part of what makes your face uniquely you. The cheekbones and buccal fat pads are two prominent parts of what makes up the cheeks. Cheekbones are considered to be high when the malar bones, or cheekbones, are located close to the eyes. Cheekbones are considered low when these bones are closer to the bottom of the nose. Although you can’t change the placement of your malar bones, there are several ways to change the appearance of your cheeks to for a more defined and contoured look, from temporary makeup to cosmetic procedures. High vs. low cheekbones are only one aspect that influences facial balance. One insecurity that many people suffer from is having a perpetual “baby face” caused by fat in the cheek area. Fortunately, there is a cosmetic surgery that can remove some of this fat from the cheek area and provide a more mature facial definition.

How to Get Rid of Cheek Fat with Buccal Lipectomy

Some people may feel that they have fat cheeks causing them to be uncomfortable and self-conscious with their appearance. For patients looking for a permanent solution, one popular way to reduce cheek fat is buccal fat pad removal, or cheek reduction. The goal of buccal lipectomy is to thin the cheeks through fat removal resulting in a more defined face and cheeks.

The buccal fat pad is the pad of fat in the cheek hollow. The size of this pad is different from patient to patient and can depend on genetics and level of body fat. A rounded appearance in the cheeks b due to large fat deposits in the lower face can affect how your jawline appears, the folds from your nose to the corners of your mouth, and the overall balance of your face.

The following is an overview of what you can expect from a buccal fat pad removal surgery.

1. Anesthesia will be administered to ensure your comfort during the procedure.

2. Your doctor will make an incision on the inside of the mouth and remove part of the fat pad. If you are getting a facelift procedure at the same time, often the cheek fat will be removed at the same time.

3. After the buccal fat pad is removed, your doctor will close your incisions with sutures, which are usually absorbable.

4. Your buccal fat removal surgery will result in a more defined and contoured look.

The final results of this surgery may be hidden by swelling for a few weeks, but your cheeks will appear slimmer and your face more balanced in a few months.  

The Benefits to Cheek Reduction

Whether you have high cheekbones or low cheekbones, cheek fat removal offers many benefits such as:

·   More contoured cheeks

·   Improved facial contours and a more chiseled appearance

·   Balanced face and cheek shape

·   Limited downtime

·   Permanent results

·   Boosted self-confidence

The cheekbones are a prominent part of the face that can make or break your personal confidence. If you feel insecure about your cheeks, consider making an appointment to talk to your doctor about cheek reduction surgery. Faces come in all shapes and sizes, and a procedure like a buccal lipectomy can help you feel like you are putting your best face forward.