As we age, for natural reasons our bodies shows signs of aging.  These signs can manifest as sagging in the mid-face area, folds or creases in the lower eyelids, facial jowls, and loose skin. Loose skin under the jaw can make a person of healthy weight appear to have a double chin. While rejuvenation procedures can reduce the effects of aging over time, a surgical facelift is highly  effective to improve the visible effects of aging in both the face and neck.  Candidacy for surgery is considered on an individual basis, but if you are in overall good health physically and don’t smoke, facelift surgery may be a good option for you.

facelift is known medically as a “rhytidectomy.”  There are actually multiple types of facelifts.  These include the “full facelift”, “celebrity lift”, neck lift, and mini face lift or S-Lift also known as “life style face lift”

The full face lift addresses the neck, jawline, and cheek area, and may be combined with eyelid surgery and browlift for patients who also need correction in these areas.

celebrity facelift (or mini-lift) is a facelift that requires little downtime, shorter incisions and shorter recovery time.  The procedure can be done with local anesthesia.  It has a lower chance of side effects and often is done in conjunction with other forms of cosmetic treatments, including injectable fillers.  This procedure is a popular option for patients desiring quick recovery times.  Because the incisions are smaller, recovery time can be as little as three days.  Please feel free to call our office if you are interested in a celebrity face lift.

Liquid Facelift can be performed by using filler such as Radiesse. (Before/after picture are the 2 from the bottom)

Mid-Face Lift can also be performed.

Before & After
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