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As we age, for natural reasons our bodies shows signs of aging. These signs can manifest as sagging in the mid-face area, folds or creases in the lower eyelids, facial jowls, and loose skin. Loose skin under the jaw can make a person of healthy weight appear to have a double chin. While rejuvenation procedures can reduce the effects of aging over time, a surgical facelift is highly effective to improve the visible effects of aging in both the face and neck. Candidacy for surgery is considered on an individual basis, but if you are in overall good health physically, facelift surgery may be a good option for you.

A facelift is known medically as a “rhytidectomy.” There are many kinds of facelifts, and patients may be misled into thinking that all they need is a “mini” or “SMAS tightening” facelift. However, it is important to recognize the fact that the world’s top facelift surgeons do not perform this type of lift. It is also important to realize that the incisions used on these facelifts are the same as for the deep plane facelift.

Although Dr. Fisher was taught how to do a SMAS lift during his surgical residency, he realized the limitations and inconsistent results inherent with this technique. Four years ago, he began to learn the extended deep plane face and neck lift used by the top facelift surgeons in Manhattan and Beverly Hills. He studied the associated journal articles, videos, and textbooks while observing some of the most well-known surgeons perform them.

Dr. Fisher’s deep plane facelift results over the past three years speak for themselves. The deep plane face lift includes a midface lift. Buccal fat pad reduction and cheek contouring may also be performed if indicated during the deep plane facelift. An extended temporal brow lift can also be performed at the same time to treat the upper face and brow.

For patients only wishing to have excess neck skin removed and improved contour in that area, a deep plane neck life with Profound RF treatment may be an option.

A Liquid Facelift can be performed by using filler such as Radiesse. (Before/after picture are the 2 from the bottom)

A Mid-Face Lift can also be performed.

This treatment is for:

Aging or Sun Damaged Skin

Double-Chin and Excess Loose Skin Around Neck

Facial Jowls and Sagging Skin

Sagging Skin

Before & After

I highly recommend Dr Fisher if you're looking for a physician. He is an excellent surgeon. My recovery for what I had done was hard and extensive. If you're in need of a septoplasty with functional rhinoplasty and have any desire to have cosmetic changes to your nose be sure to have that addressed. My breathing and quality of sleep is much improved. Overall I am very happy to breathe without difficulty.

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