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ClariFix: The Minimally Invasive Solution For A Runny Nose


Do you have a chronically runny nose? This may be due to a condition called chronic rhinitis. Chronic rhinitis can be allergic (due to seasonal and other environmental allergens) or non-allergic. Whatever the case, chronic rhinitis is a pervasive condition that can have a negative effect on your quality of life. What’s more, many medications provide only temporary relief and stop being effective after a while. One solution is ClariFix. Let’s go over how ClariFix can help you.

What is rhinitis and what are its symptoms?

Rhinitis is a constantly runny nose, whether due to allergies or other issues. A constantly runny nose results in other symptoms. Post-nasal drip is one such symptom, which happens when secretions drip down the back of the nose to the throat instead of dripping forward to the outside of the nose. This is problematic because it leads to an itchy sensation in the back of the throat, which can be very annoying and cause the need to constantly clear the throat. It can also lead to yet another symptom: hoarseness. Due to constantly clearing the throat, those with chronic rhinitis often find themselves with a hoarse voice. When the nasal secretions drip forward, someone with chronic rhinitis can also suffer from irritation of the skin on the nose due to the constant moisture as well as the need to wipe the nose clean. Congestion (stuffy nose) can also occur.

Why do other treatments often fail to work?

When people with chronic rhinitis take other medications, they often don’t last as solutions very long. There are antihistamine medications that can provide temporary relief. Nasal sprays (often made from saline water) can help too, but again, these are temporary and with time they lose effectiveness. 

How can ClariFix help?

ClariFix is a minimally invasive procedure and can be done right in your ENT specialist’s office. It provides a more permanent solution than medications and sprays. It also saves you from experiencing side effects of these medications and sprays. This is not a painful procedure. You will feel some cold inside your nose. Relief is long-lasting; studies have shown that many patients experienced relief lasting at least a year.

How does ClariFix work?

The ClariFix device is inserted into your nose during the procedure. It uses cryotherapy (cold therapy) to freeze the nerves responsible for the runny nose. Overactive nerves in the nose can result in the symptoms of chronic rhinitis. Freezing these nerves stops overactivity by interrupting the signals. There is no downtime with this procedure, and side effects are mild and can include temporarily increased congestion and/or discomfort. 

What does ClariFix cost?

ClariFix costs should be discussed with your doctor’s office and insurance company, but many can get it covered (at least in part) by insurance. Whether or not you will owe a copayment or other form of upfront payment (such as paying in full but that amount goes towards your deductible) will be determined by your insurance provider. 

Are you looking for a ClariFix provider in the Bakersfield area? Contact us for an appointment to see Dr. Fisher and get help determining whether ClariFix can help your runny nose.

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