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All About Double Chins

how to get rid of double chin

Double chins: the bane of existence for many! Fat under the chin is notoriously stubborn and hard to remove. In this blog, we’ll go over why that is and how you can get rid of this pesky area of fat.

What Causes a Double Chin?

A double chin is primarily caused by fat. Too much fat in the area under the chin can cause the appearance of having two chins. Even a little extra fat in the area can sometimes cause this.

The appearance of a double chin can also be exacerbated by loose skin under the chin. This can be due to extreme weight loss or aging. With extreme weight loss, skin is unfortunately not always able to bounce back to what it once was. With aging, slowed collagen and elastin production result in skin that is lax. In any case, any fat in the vicinity of loosened skin ends up showing through. 

Finally, facial structure can play a role in determining who is more likely to develop a double chin with a little weight gain and who doesn’t. A small or recessed jaw or overbite results in less surface area under the chin and less room for any fat to spread out, so even a small amount of fat can lead to a double chin.

How to Get Rid of a Double Chin

Double chins are notoriously resistant to reduction with dieting and exercise, so they tend to be a common complaint when it comes to seeking out procedures. Here are a few options available to those looking to get rid of chin fat.

Kybella: Kybella is an injection that utilizes deoxycholic acid to break down and absorb fat. It has been approved for use on submental fat (fat under the chin). This injection essentially destroys the fat cells under the chin. This is done in several sessions 6 weeks apart (up to four sessions), and treatment with Kybella has a high patient satisfaction rate. Kybella does not tighten sagging skin, so it is best for younger patients. 

Liposuction: With this option to get rid of chin fat, a cannula (a thin tube) is inserted into an incision and used to suction out fat from under the chin. It can also be done along the jawline for further sculpting. general anesthesia is needed, and there is a 2 – 3 week downtime associated with this procedure, the same as for each Kybella treatment 

Necklift: This is the best option for those whose double chin is complicated by looser skin due to significant weight loss or aging. A necklift sculpts the neck area but also targets under the chin and the jawline, so it’s an excellent option for a more toned and tightened profile. Liposuction can also be done in the same procedure as a necklift if fat under the chin is a concern as well. 

For patients with a recessed chin, a chin implant can dramatically improve a double chin in conjunction with other procedures, mentioned here. 
If you’re looking to get rid of chin fat in the Los Angeles or Bakersfield area, call our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Fisher to see which option is best for you.

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