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Your Lip Augmentation Methods

lip augmentation

Do you want a fuller pair of luscious lips? These days, men and women desire fuller lips that appear voluminous and supple. Unfortunately, as we age, our lips are the first to lose collagen and volume due to age, sun exposure, and pollutants. However, thanks to advancements in cosmetic treatments, you now have more options than ever to achieve a perfect pair of luscious lips, including lip fillers, lip lifts, lip fat grafts, and lip implants.

Lip Fillers: Nonsurgical Lip Augmentation

Lip fillers are the most popular and least invasive method for achieving fuller lips. Lip filler treatments are in-office procedures that only take 30 to 40 minutes, and you can resume most daily activities immediately. Injectable fillers are used to correct genetically thin lips or improve the condition of lips that may have lost shape or volume with age or other conditions. Before the lips are injected with filler, your surgeon will carefully assess the region and develop an effective treatment plan. Expert surgeons often use multiple lip filler techniques along with the appropriate choice of filler to restore the fullness and shape of the lips. Restylane and Juvederm are two of the most popular fillers often used in this area. All lip fillers are temporary, and their results usually wear off within six months, so you need to schedule regular follow-up visits with your surgeon to maintain your results.

Lip Lift

With age, the distance between the nose and upper lip may elongate, and the upper lip may lose volume. For those looking to remedy this, a lip lift may be an option. This is a procedure in which the plastic surgeon shortens the distance of the area between the nose and upper lip and lifts the upper lip to make it more visible. There are several different “styles” in which this surgery can be performed, and each one gives a distinct look to the lips. For instance, those with downturned lips may opt for a corner lip lift, which raises the corners a little higher in relation to the rest of the lips to remove the appearance of frowning at rest. A lip lift is permanent.

Lip Fat Graft

For those who want the look of lip fillers on a more permanent basis, a lip fat graft may be a good choice. Lip fat grafts involve taking fat from elsewhere in the patient’s body and injecting it into the lips. This procedure can be expected to last around five years, after which you may want to redo it for more volume.

Lip Implants

Lip implants are another way to volumize your lips. This is a surgical procedure in which silicone or Gore-Tex implants are placed into the lips through small incisions. These materials are soft and flexible. The entire procedure lasts about 30 minutes and is done under local anesthesia. This procedure adds permanent volume to the lips. If desired, it also has the added benefit of being reversible through removal of the implants.

Choosing your surgeon

As you can see, many options are available for lip enhancement, and which route you choose depends on what you’re looking to get out of the augmentation.

When it comes to your face, you want the best possible surgeon to do the work. Dr. Edmund Fisher is one of the best facial plastic surgeons in the area. Dr. Fisher tailors each treatment to the patient’s needs — no two treatments are alike. This considered and highly-curated approach to lip augmentation ensures you achieve natural-looking results.

To learn more about lip augmentations or to schedule a consultation, please call 1-661-323-6200.

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