Wintertime Skin Care and Skin Treatments

What are The Best Skin Treatments

Skin care is important year round, but in winter, it’s particularly beneficial to give your skin a bit of extra TLC. Cold weather often means dry weather, and the changing of the seasons is a great chance to reboot your skincare routine. In addition to getting your skin ready for cold and dry weather, giving your skin some extra love in the wintertime is an excellent way to practice a bit of extra self-care.

Winter Skincare Routine

Stay hydrated.

Winter weather often brings chapped skin, dry hands, and tight skin. It’s important to keep skin hydrated during the cold months from the inside out. Make sure that you stay hydrated during the day and drink plenty of water. Consider swapping out coffee for green tea, which has antioxidant properties. Gentle cleansing plus a moisturizer is a must during the cold months to keep your skin as healthy as possible to retain moisture. If your skin feels tight after washing it, you might want to opt for a gentler cleanser. When it comes to selecting a winter moisturizer, you might need to swap out the moisturizer you use the rest of the year. If your skin is feeling dry or tight, try using a cream moisturizer and massaging it into the skin.

Try professional skin treatments.

Wintertime is also a great time of year for skin treatments. Sun exposure can cause unwanted effects on treatments such as peels and laser treatments, making fall and winter a great opportunity for these treatments. Not to mention, you can make sure that you have beautiful glowing skin for any holiday parties and special occasions. Professional facial treatments such as peels, lasers, and exfoliating treatments can help slough off dead skin and allow your skin to better absorb topical skincare products. Treatments like these also keep your skin clean, hydrating, and glowing. And don’t forget to take care of your lips as well!

Botox is another skin treatment that you may want to try during the winter. In the winter months, your facial muscles are very active. You squint just as often as you might during the summertime thanks to the bright sun and even snow. This can contribute to aging the face. Botox can give your face a smoother and more youthful appearance, which will last throughout the entire winter.

Don’t forget about SPF.

Remember also that just because it is cold and wintery does not mean you should skimp on your SPF. You still need protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays even outside of the summer months. In the wintertime, certain kinds of UV levels are still significant enough to age your skin, so wearing sunscreen through the year is important to protect your skin.  

The wintertime is the perfect time to try out different skincare treatments that you’ve been wanting to try out such as laser treatments, peels, and Botox. Some dermatologists and spas even offer seasonal treatments to help you get into the holiday spirit while practicing self-care. Even though you might be spending less time outdoors in the sun, remember to wear your SPF. Experiment with different moisturizers and creams to keep your skin looking and feeling great around the calendar.

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