Softening Your Look with a Brow Lift

Softening Your Look with a Brow Lift

A natural part of aging is the development of excess skin and sagging around the eyes as your face loses volume. Many patients choose to treat these signs of aging with a traditional surgical facelift. Instead of a surgical facelift, some patients opt for other options, such as a brow lift, that involve minimal incisions and lifts only the outside part of the brow that most people want to treat: eyelid hooding.

Why Choose a Brow Lift?

Many patients choose to treat their aging faces and neck with a traditional facelift procedure, but a brow lift can have just as drastic results. The ponytail lift can help patients look more youthful without looking overdone. The ponytail brow lift was designed to lift the facial skin and tissue to restore a lifted youthful look.

The benefits to a brow lift are numerous. They include:

·  Minimal, hidden scarring. Tiny incisions used are hidden behind the ear, which results in very minimal scarring that is not visible to anyone.

·  Long-lasting results. Because this procedure lifts only the outside of the brow, the facial skin and underlying layers remain intact and undamaged. This keeps the blood flowing to your face, keeping skin healthy and allowing your youthful appearance to last longer.

·  A natural look. Some patients are concerned that plastic surgery will result in an overdone, harsh, or windblown look, but that is not a risk for the surgery. Because the ponytail technique does not stretch out the facial skin horizontally, the face will not have a harsh look. Rather, the ponytail technique redrapes the skin vertically to reverse the pull of gravity.

What Can I Expect?

First, you will have a consultation and discuss the goals of the procedure with your surgeon along with your medical history. The procedure itself will be performed under local anesthesia to ensure patient comfort. Your surgeon will make a small incision behind the ear to avoid visible scarring. Then your surgeon will sculpt the skin and tissue from this incision. Excess skin is trimmed, and the incision is closed. The entire procedure usually takes about an hour and requires minimal downtime.

Most patients go home following their brow lift procedure and can get back to their daily routines in just over a week. There might be a bit of bruising, redness, or swelling at the incision site, but these generally resolve themselves on their own in about a week. Because this procedure uses very minimal incisions, a brow lift carries for little risk for complications.

If you are bothered by signs of aging, you might be a good candidate for a brow lift. Make an appointment for a consultation today.