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Improve Results of Cosmetic Procedures with a Skincare Routine

Skincare Routine

A regular skincare routine is important regardless of what kind of skin you have, what stage of life you are in, and any procedures that you’ve had to enhance your appearance. But did you know that a proper skincare routine can improve the results of cosmetic procedures? Whether you had a surgical facelift or a microdermabrasion treatment, properly maintaining your skin before and after treatments is important to get the best results.

Incorporate A Regular Skincare Routine into Your Lifestyle

Many think that a proper skincare routine requires dozens of products to maintain the skin’s health. However, the best one is a regular routine and includes things such as drinking lots of water, consistent exercise, and an overall healthy lifestyle. These things not only affect your appearance but can also have a huge positive influence on healing after a cosmetic procedure.

Top Five Tips for Maintaining Skin Health

1. A regular skincare routine

2. Sleeping about 8 hours each night

3. A healthy diet with plenty of vegetables

4. Hydration

5. Exercise and other stress-alleviating habits

A skincare routine is not a one-size-fits-all situation. Your plastic surgeon or dermatologist can help select the best products for your skin and any specific concerns that you have when it comes to your skin. Learn your skin type and learn what you need after your procedure. For example, retinol creams can help keep wrinkles to a minimum. Light therapy might help with age-related concerns and help your skin as it heals from your procedure. Exfoliation can help clear out dead skin cells and keep pores clean, allowing a deeper penetration of skincare products.

What Products Do I Need?

The easiest way to make your skincare routine a regular one is to break it down into day and night. Always be sure to cleanse skin first, which removes germs and other debris from the skin and allows whatever products you apply next to penetrate deeply.

·  If you wear makeup, always remove your makeup at night, and never sleep with makeup on.

·  Wash your skin with a cleanser, morning and night. The type of cleanser you choose depends on your skin type. After a procedure, it’s always best to opt for something gentle.

·  Use an eye cream, morning and night.

·  Use a toner, morning and night. A toner helps get our skin ready to absorb what comes next.

·  Use serums, morning and night. The types of serums you use depends on your specific skin concerns, your recent procedures, and your skin type.

·  Use retinol at night. Retinol boosts the production of collagen and elastin, resulting in the reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

·  Use a moisturizer, morning and night. Moisturizers hydrate and seal in the active ingredients of all your products.

·  Use sunscreen in the morning.

Finding and sticking to a good skincare routine can be challenging, so talk to your doctor or dermatologist about your goals and concerns for your skin. A regular skincare routine, good sleeping habits, exercise, and an overall healthy lifestyle will not only help you heal more quickly, but will also improve the results of your cosmetic procedures.

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