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Should I Get a Blepharoplasty?


Blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery, can be performed on the upper lid, the lower lid and sometimes both lids. Both the upper and lower eyelids are made up of thinner skin than the surrounding face, so it’s no wonder that the eye area often shows signs of aging first or more severe signs of aging than surrounding skin. Here are some common eye-related cosmetic complaints and whether or not blepharoplasty is a possible solution.

Drooping Eyelid

Collagen production slows down with age, causing skin elasticity to suffer. Drooping upper eyelids are therefore a common complaint of older patients. This starts off as just a cosmetic concern, but with time, the drooping can be severe enough as to fall below the level of the eyelashes and into the field of vision. This can affect eyesight. 

Should I get a blepharoplasty? Whether it’s just an aesthetic concern or is affecting your eyesight, the best solution for drooping upper eyelids is to have an upper blepharoplasty done. An upper blepharoplasty is a simple procedure, usually performed under local anesthesia, to remove the excess skin from the upper eyelid. For younger patients just beginning to develop eyelid hooding, it may be possible to tighten up the eyelid skin with a fractional CO2 laser like Active FX

Hollowed-Out Undereye Area

Some people have an undereye area that is hollowed out or sunken in compared to the surrounding skin. The resulting shadow is a concern as it makes the undereye area appear dark (or darker if undereye circles are already a concern). Undereye hollows are most often caused by aging. 

Should I get a blepharoplasty? In this case, fillers can be helpful. They help to give some volume to the undereye hollows, thereby making them flush with the surrounding skin. Of course, fillers are not a permanent solution and will need to be redone after a number of months. If desired, a lower eyelid blepharoplasty can be done in conjunction with a fat graft or fat repositioning. 

Bags Undereyes/Puffy Undereye Area

This commonly occurs due to the aging process, but some puffiness can also be caused by allergies or other issues. Lax skin under the eyes can result in the fat that is under the eyes coming through. Eventually, sagging can occur. 

Should I get a blepharoplasty? A lower eyelid blepharoplasty is often the best solution for this issue. Nevertheless lower blepharoplasties can be a bit more complicated that an upper lid blepharoplasty and depending on the extensiveness of the procedure, are done under general anesthesia. A lower blepharoplasty is done to remove the excess fat and skin on the lower lid.

Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet, called as such because the lines coming out from the eyes resemble a bird’s feet, are a type of wrinkle. They can be either dynamic, meaning they occur only with movement, or static, meaning the lines are visible at all times even without movement.

Should I get a blepharoplasty? Crow’s feet are most commonly fixed with filler or Botox. Botox is best for dynamic wrinkles as it immobilizes the musculature in the area it’s injected in, meaning wrinkles won’t show up when smiling. Static wrinkles may be best tackled with filler and/or laser resurfacing, as it helps give some volume to the skin so it’s less likely to show wrinkles. If this is your only concern, a blepharoplasty is likely not the right option for you.

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