NovaThreads are small, hypodermic needles that come preloaded with polydioxanone (PDO) absorbable sutures. When fully inserted into and removed from the subdermal layer of the skin, they leave behind their sutures. The sutures stimulate a sort of controlled heating and repair process beneath the skin. This heating makes the body naturally create new collagen in an effort to repair itself, creating a younger, lifted, restored look. Over the next four to six months, the sutures naturally absorb into the body and don’t leave you with any scar tissue afterwards. All you’re left with is an improved appearance. NovaThreads can be inserted anywhere, but they are especially effective in the lower third of the face, like the neck and the jawline.

There are two types of NovaThreads: NuMesh and NuLift. NuMesh involves a sort of mesh net that gets inserted through two vertical and three horizontal sutures. It creates a new foundation for collagen growth, tightening the skin from within over time. NuLift, on the other hand, works a little more dramatically by creating grips beneath the skin that can be pulled in different directions to instantly reposition the skin. In either procedure, the goal is to stimulate new collagen growth and create a lifted, youthful appearance for the face.

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