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Laryngeal Surgery

There are many different reasons why someone may consider laryngeal surgery. Commonly known as voice box surgery or larynx surgery, this procedure could be needed due to cut vocal cords, cancer, or other causes that could result in the removal of the vocal cords, surgical removal of the larynx, or resection of the voice box.

Removal of larynx cancer can be another key reason to have laryngeal cancer surgery. Laryngeal paralysis surgery, laryngeal tie-back surgery, and laryngeal framework surgery are all common variations of the procedure.

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This treatment is for:

Throat and Voice Disorders

I highly recommend Dr Fisher if you're looking for a physician. He is an excellent surgeon. My recovery for what I had done was hard and extensive. If you're in need of a septoplasty with functional rhinoplasty and have any desire to have cosmetic changes to your nose be sure to have that addressed. My breathing and quality of sleep is much improved. Overall I am very happy to breathe without difficulty.

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