Ear Surgery

Ear surgery is usually performed to set prominent, “turned out” ears closer to the head, or to repair/reconstruct damaged or deformed ears.  It involves reshaping, folding, or replacing the cartilage in the ear.  Cartilage can be taken from other regions of the body when needed.

Otoplasty for prominent or “turned out” ears

Otoplasty is usually performed on children, though there are no additional risks associated with the surgery on an older patient.  General anesthesia or local anesthesia can be used.  In one of the more common techniques, the surgeon makes a small incision at the back of the ear tosculpt or fold the cartilage.  In most cases, the scar is hidden behind the ear.  The surgery usually takes two hours, and most adults can go back to work around five days after surgery.  Most children can go back to school around seven days after the surgery.

Ear Lobe Repair

Having a torn ear lobe is a common problem for men and women who have piercings that stretch the ear by wearing heavy or large jewelry such as “plugs” and “gauges” This procedure can be performed by  cutting a small notch on the torn lobe then meticulously stitching the lobe back together under local anesthesia.

Before & After
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