Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty

Nonsurgical rhinoplasty

What options do you have if you want to alter the structure of your nose? There are various ways you can get a nose job, also known as rhinoplasty. Some doctors offer nonsurgical rhinoplasty, which does not alter the structure of the nose itself.

A candidate for nonsurgical rhinoplasty has to be at least in their mid-teens, because by that age the nasal bone and shape are matured and stabilized. The procedure involves injecting facial fillers.The type of filler that you and your doctor will use will be discussed after you state your desires and you’ve gone over your medical history. Fillers can fill out certain areas of the nose to correct minor issues. Nonsurgical rhinoplasty is more affordable than plastic surgery, and the process is quick

Areas Targeted During Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty Treatment

This procedure works well for anyone who wants to smooth out small bumps in their nose, make the tip of their nose more prominent, add volume, or lift the tip of the nose. This approach is best for minimal changes – nonsurgical nose jobs won’t be able to make your nose look smaller or smooth out more prominent bumps. If you want drastic changes, a traditional rhinoplasty will be best for you.

Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty Treatment Process

The treatment involves injecting a filler ingredient underneath the skin, typically hyaluronic acid or botox. The filler will be inserted underneath your skin into the desired area. The filler temporarily changes the structure of your nose. Depending on the filler ingredients used, the prep for your procedure will be different. Your health care provider will offer detailed instructions on what to do before your nonsurgical rhinoplasty treatment. 

Before the nonsurgical rhinoplasty treatment, your doctor will instruct you to lie down with your face tilted up. To reduce the amount of pain from the needle, your doctor may apply a topical anesthetic. The procedure starts with your doctor injecting filler into areas around the nose. There is a minimal amount of pain or pressure felt during the treatment. The rhinoplasty treatment lasts for about 15-45 minutes. After the procedure, you may experience pain or swelling in the injected areas. The pain and swelling should settle in about an hour or two, and you will start to see the changes. 

The best part about nonsurgical rhinoplasty treatment is that there’s barely any recovery time. If no side effects or complications occur, you can resume your normal activities the same day or week. The fillers take about six months to dissolve into your skin thoroughly and can last up to three years. This nonpermanent procedure is excellent for minor structural changes. This procedure is well studied, and side effects or possible complications are well understood. If you have any questions about nonsurgical rhinoplasty treatment, contact your healthcare provider.

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