How to Keep Your Neck Looking Youthful

How Can I Make My Neck Look Younger?

The neck and decolletage are often missed out when it comes to an anti-aging skin routine. Often, people remember to apply moisturizer, serums, and sunblock to their faces but forgo their neck and chest. A youthful-looking face but a neck that shows signs of aging and sun-damage can be a major hit to a person’s self-esteem. Fortunately, there are treatments available to keep the neck and chest looking just as bright and youthful as the face.

How to Keep Your Neck Looking Youthful

Laser Treatments

Sun exposure can cause dark spots, broken capillaries, and wrinkles on the neck and chest. One treatment to restore a more youthful-looking appearance in this regard is laser treatments. Laser treatments penetrate the skin, creating tiny wounds in the treatment area. It triggers the skin’s wound-healing response, which, in turn, stimulates collagen production that builds new skin to replace the old.


If you have a double chin, an injectable acid called Kybella is a good treatment option. Kybella dissolves the fat between the skin and the muscle, resulting in a reduced appearance of a double chin. Multiple treatments may be needed for best effects.

Profound RF 

Loose and saggy skin is another unwanted effect of aging. Sometimes, the thick banding of the platysma muscle, the one that runs from the chin to the clavicle, creates a “turkey neck.”  Depending on the severity of the sagginess, there are several treatments available to reduce these unwanted effects. Profound RF is a radio-frequency treatment delivered by micro-needles into the skin’s deepest layer after the skin is numbed. It creates small injuries in the skin surrounding the platysma muscle, which triggers the healing response that results in the creation of more collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid and works in cases of mild sagging.

Neck Lift

Those who have very loose skin might benefit from a neck lift. It targets the saggy skin and muscle under the jaw and skin and removes the excess skin after tightening the muscle. A neck lift can be combined with liposuction to help relax the muscle bands around the neck and remove excess fat.

If you suffer from saggy skin around the neck and chest, talk to your doctor about treatment options. While there are a few different ways to turn back the clock on aging, the best way is prevention. Be sure to wear sunscreen daily, and don’t neglect your neck and decolletage as part of your daily skincare routine.

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