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Facial Implant Options: What You Need to Know

facial implant

Implants are a way to enhance the body with augmentation. When it comes to cosmetic procedures for the face, the most common implants include lip, chin, and cheek implants. Let’s learn a little more about each and what it entails.

Chin Implants

A recessed chin, often referred to as a “weak” chin, can be remedied with a chin implant. This procedure allows for a stronger overall look to the face and a more defined chin and jawline. It can also help improve the look of the jawline and under the chin, as these areas are often affected by a recessed chin. 

Chin implants are made from silastic and are available in many shapes and sizes that shape the patient’s chin square or round. They also come in extended versions that can fill in the prejowl area that resorbs with age. There is even a chin implant that can vertically lengthen the chin.

A chin implant procedure is highly customizable, and the plastic surgeon will, with the patient’s input, decide on the size and shape needed for optimal results. This procedure can be done under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. This procedure generally takes around 45 minutes to an hour.

Cheek Implants

Cheek implants, also known as cheek augmentation, can help restore lost volume to the cheek area or give more definition to the cheekbones. Loss of volume in the cheeks occurs with age and can result in a hollowed-out, thinning face. In other cases, someone may have been born without much volume in their cheek area and may desire more volume or the look of higher cheekbones. 

Cheek implants are also made of silastic and come in a variety of shapes and sizes that can correct low and flat cheekbones into more attractive high and full appearing facial features permanently. They also can fill in hollowing under the cheekbone that occurs with ageing or thin faced patients. They are performed under general anesthesia. Since the incisions are made within the mouth, there is no visible scarring associated with this procedure.

With any of these procedures, it’s extremely important to research your plastic surgeon. Look at before-and-after photos of facial implants, and read reviews on the surgeon. Attend a consultation to learn more about how they envision your results and how well they incorporate your own vision. A good plastic surgeon will take both the proportions of the entire face and the patient’s desiresinto account to determine how to proceed in terms of the shape and size of implants. Dr. Edmund Fisher has 20+ years of experience as a surgeon and is known for listening to and implementing patients’ wishes and explaining every option when coming up with a plan. Call our office to schedule an appointment for a consultation today!

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