Our Top Five Botox Injection Sites to Get Rid of Wrinkles

Botox injections

Botox injections is genuinely a fantastic anti-aging tool. Not only does it help relax the muscles in the face so that wrinkles don’t show up, but it also can help prevent dynamic wrinkles (wrinkles that show up only with movement) from reaching the next stage and becoming static wrinkles (wrinkles that are present at all times). Botox can be used all over the face and the body, but here are our recommendations for the top five injection sites.


The forehead is an excellent choice for Botox. It’s very prone to developing lines, even in some younger people.

Botox can relax the forehead muscles to stop those pesky lines upon raising the eyebrows. It can also prevent other actions and expressions that cause lines to appear, which will help prevent them from becoming wrinkles in the future. 

Glabella (eleven lines)

The glabella is the portion of skin between your eyebrows that often develops significant wrinkles, called “eleven lines”. Since they usually appear as two vertical lines, looking like the number 11. These lines occur when certain expressions such as scowling are made.

Sides of the Nose (bunny lines)

The sides of the upper portion of the nose bridge can develop some dynamic wrinkles upon scrunching the nose. These lines, which come out horizontally, are often called “bunny lines”. With time, these would become permanent (static) wrinkles, but Botox can help slow their progression.

Sides of the Eyes (crow’s feet)

Another common injection site for Botox is the sides of the eyes. Those crinkles that show up at the outer corners of the eyes upon smiling, called crow’s feet, respond well to Botox application. Botox helps relax the area, allowing the lines to stop appearing. 

Around the Lips 

Botox is generally best used on the upper portion of the face. However, it can help with “lipstick lines” or “smoker’s lines”. Those little lines that surround and come out vertically from the lips. Only a little Botox is necessary for these. A very experienced provider should only do this to avoid an overdone look and any trouble with the movement of the lips. 

Other Injection Sites for Botox

Of course, Botox can be injected in different places on the face for wrinkle control or even to reduce the appearance of a gummy smile. 

For those areas in which Botox is not ideal, fillers are a great alternative. They give enough volume to the area that fine lines and wrinkles smoothed out straightened out for the duration of the filler’s life.

If you are looking for a provider with extensive experience and achieving real aesthetic goals. You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Edmund Fisher.

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