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All You Need to Know About Lip Lifts

Lip Lifts Bakersfield

Many often use lip fillers to define their smile and create fuller lips. While fillers are a great treatment that provides significant results, they are only temporary. If you are looking for permanent results, a lip lift might be your treatment. A lip lift is a surgical procedure that shortens the space between the nose and lips (called the philtrum). Some patients naturally have a more extended upper lip area, and others notice that the size of their upper lip area increases with age. As we age, the upper lip stretches, causing part of the lip to curve, making it roll under, resulting in a thinner lip. A lip lift can help correct these issues by adding volume to the upper lip and enhancing the shape of the vermillion border area to give more of a pout.

How Long Does a Lip Lift Last?

Unlike fillers and other options for the lips, a lip lift is a surgical procedure that is permanent. It doesn’t need touch-ups every few months like some other procedures. However, additional aging can cause lengthening of the philtrum.

Who Should Get a Lip Lift?

In general, a good majority of people who opt for lip lifts are middle-aged to older women who have some increased distance between the nose and upper lip. They are ideal candidates as there is enough of a surface area to work with when it comes to lifting and removing excess skin. 

For younger women who want to get the procedure for more volume in their upper lip or to better help define the edges, the length of the philtrum as well as something called “tooth show” will be reviewed. When the lips are slightly open and at rest, a certain amount of tooth will show. If the amount is very little, that makes for a good candidate. However, if all or most of the teeth show, a lip lift may not be the best idea as it could cause a “gummy” smile. 

What Happens during a Lip Lift?

After local anesthesia is applied, your surgeon will remove a small amount of skin from under your nose. The incision will be placed as closely under the nose as possible in order to hide any scarring. After the skin is removed, the remaining edge of the skin will be lifted to meet the area under the nose. Afterward, the two ends will be stitched back together.

A lip lift is a good idea for those who are showing signs of aging in the lip area and want to improve the look of their upper lip. It provides a permanent lift to the lips and creates the look of a more voluminous upper lip without too much bulkiness. If you are looking for a plastic surgeon with extensive experience performing lip lifts, schedule a consultation with Dr. Edmund Fisher to find out if you are a good candidate. 

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